Private Probation Supervision

Criminal Justice Service (CJS) provides private probation services to clients who have been found guilty of misdemeanor offenses pursuant to RS Mo 559.600. CJS can supervise persons placed on probation for class A, B, C, and D misdemeanor offenses, specifically including persons who are habitual, or chronic offenders. Defendant must report to CJS in person for their initial intake, completion of their probation contract and payment agreement. Once the defendant signs up as a client with CJS a confirmation of compliance notice will be e-filed in Case net for the client. CJS agents will require the client to check in at the minimum of once monthly.

The client will be asked a series of questions including any changes in address, contact information, employment and court date and status. Depending on the charges, previous history, or stipulations of their bond agent CJS agents may require more frequent contact or a monthly in-person check-in. During the period leading up to the client’s trial CJS agents will monitor and assist the clients pursuant to the orders of the court. CJS agents will schedule drug testing as ordered by the court, assist client in employment search if needed, or ordered, and will also contact clients prior to their court date.

CJS agents can help clients locate or get enrolled in any needed classes or programs and can also assist clients in finding treatment if ordered or desired. CJS agents will file a monthly status report on each client stating their compliance with the PTM program. Should there be a violation of their conditions of release ordered by the court CJS will submit a violation report within 24 hours via e-file in Case net. Depending upon the severity of the violation CJS may directly contact the prosecuting attorney’s office and or the judge assigned to the case.


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