Pre Trial Monitor

We are a SCRAM Systems Service Preferred Provider serving multiple counties in the state of Missouri. We provide many services to the court and individuals struggling with substance abuse and a variety of legal issues. We offer standard GPS Monitoring, House Arrest Monitoring, Curfew Restrictions to help you meet your bond requirements. Scram clients are offered some classes free, or at a deeply discounted cost.

Criminal Justice Service agents can help clients locate or get enrolled in any needed classes or programs, community service, and can also assist clients in finding treatment if ordered or desired. CJS agents will file a monthly status report on each client stating their compliance with the SCRAM program. Should there be a violation of their conditions of release ordered by the court CJS will submit a violation report within a specified time frame via e-file in Missouri Depending upon the severity of the violation CJS may also directly contact the prosecuting attorney’s office and/or the judge assigned to the case.

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